Rural School Activity Day and Graduation Exercises 1937

09 Feb

Firemen’s Theatre
New Hampton, Iowa
Friday, May 28, 1937

I received a photocopy of this program from my aunt several years ago. This is a program from an eighth grade graduation at a rural school in Chickasaw County. My grandmother, Elsie ZABEL HOMEISTER is one of the eighth grade graduates. I thought this might be helpful to anyone who is trying to find out what school their ancestor attended or their age.


Baer, Cleon
Ball, Hazel
Bearmann, Harry
Boehmer, Dorothy
Bohr, Harold
Borglum, Robert
Borlaug, Everett
Breitbach, Ruth
Budweg, Louise Marie
Cagley, Leo
Cashman, Glen
Cleveland, Alice Jane
Cochran, Oliver
Cochran, Elna
Crooks, Elaine
Cutsforth, Delores L
Dahlen, Carlton N
Deetz, Lorrene
Denner, Helen
DeSloover, Bernard
DeSloover, Bernice
Duncan, Mildred
Edson, Verne E
Eickhoff, Willie
Einck, Ida Rose
Fankhauser, Marjory
Ferch, Artha
Ferch, Elaine
Fitzgerald, Leo
Fleming, LeRoy Nelson
Gitch, Dorothy
Greenwald, Vernon
Grim, David
Gordon, Thelma
Guthart, Harland
Halvorson, Arldine
Halvorson, Hartley
Hanke, Jeanette
Hanson, Elvin
Hof, Evelyn Margaret
Hof, Lillian
Hoffman, Merle
Huffman, Keith
Humpal, Mary
Ingalls, Patricia
Jirak, Robert
Kammeyer, Gloria
Karnatz, Melvin
Kellner, Margaret
Kilby, Clement
Kilcher, Elaine Lillian
Kjervick, Elmer
Knapp, Avis
Kolthoff, Doris
Kristiansen, Harold
Knutson, Allen R
Laabs, Lorraine
Lehman, Virgil
Mack, Lois
Martin, Jack
Martin, Wilbur
Marvin, LaVern
Marvin, Marcella
Masemann, Delores
McCulloch, Ronald
McCullom, Betty
McGrath, Rob
Meighan, Darleen
Meighan, Madonna
Mellman, Marian
Mersch, Richard
Meyer, LaVera
Mouldenhauer, Ted
Nystel, Andrew
Nystel, Kenneth
Ohm, Clifford
Ottoson, Lowell
Patrie, Melvin
Peters, Delbert
Peske, Marian
Poppe, Lydia
Quirk, Bernadette
Reeves, Ida
Ritter, Wallace W
Ronnel, Marie
Sabelka, Jerome
Schaudenecker, Barbara
Schoonover, Donna Mae
Schultz, Elaine
Shinstine, Merle
Simmons, Kenneth
Slack, Robert Walter
Snider, Clayton
Speltz, Lorraine
Springer, Lyle J
Steege, Gerald
Stephens, Marian
Swinton, Merle
Toepfer, Leo
Ungerer, Clara Helen
Urness, Norma
Usher, Dorothy
Usher, Maurice
Usher, Paul
Vohsmann, Lawrence
Vohsmann, Lucille
Walton, Vilas
Weigel, Camilla
Weigel, Vivian
Wenthe, Claude
Wilhelms, Madonna
Wilson, Georgie Arlene
Wolf, Clarice
Wright, Klair L
Young, Kenneth
Zabel, Elsie M
Zipse, Dorothy D
Zipse, Mabel

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