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Address Changes from Credit Reports, Springfield, Missouri

This is a complete list of address changes from credit reports for Springfield, Missouri for the early 1930s. The exact date for each address change is not known. Please check the main page for more specific details on this database. This is a work in progress so check back often for updates. I do not know how long it will take me to get all the names and addresses typed out.

Last Name First Name New Address Old Address
Anderson Ethel 903 N Fremont 1700 E Center
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Credit Reports for Springfield, Missouri, 1930s

A few years ago I got some credit reports from a gentleman who got them from a former dentist’s office or the dentist’s estate (I don’t remember now which he said) in Springfield, Missouri. Unfortunately I do not remember the dentist’s name nor do I know where his office was located. It appears that the dentist requested the credit reports to know which of his patients he could extend credit to and which of them have had not paid other debts and would be a credit risk.

The title at the top of the cover pages is listed as the following:

Service Bulletin
Published by
The Credit Exchange
Official Bureau of the Associated Retail Credit Men
407 McDaniel Building
Springfield, Missouri

Some of the records appear to be judgments against people which I am assuming were filed in the judicial courts. Other records just show a person’s former address and current address. The cover pages are dated from the early 1930s. However the individual pages aren’t dated and I’m pretty sure the pages are all mixed up so I don’t know the actual date that each page was created. Therefore I am listing the dates below from the cover pages. The judgments against people will all be listed in one database. The pages with addresses current and former will all be combine together in one database. Each of these lists will be done in alphabetical order to make it easy to find your ancestor. Anything that I can put a date to such as information noted on the cover page will be in a third file.

The dates of the reports are as follows:

March 8, 1933

Although the exact date of each judgment or when a person lived at a specific address is not known, other records such as city directories, court records and census records can be obtained to help narrow down the time period even more. The reports date from the early 1930s. The reason I am posting them is to give genealogy researchers an idea of where their ancestor(s) lived in the Springfield area. In addition it also gives a small snippet of your ancestor’s life.

Address Changes from Credit Reports

If you have any questions about these databases please feel free to contact me.

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